How to respond in an ‘active shooter’ scenario

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How would you respond if you found yourself in a situation with an active shooter?

In this episode of “For the Record,” self defense instructors Ryan Hoover, Co-founder of Fit to Fight, and Aaron Jannetti of Endeavor Defense and Fitness share the best course of action if you should have to face an “active shooter scenario.”

“It’s very straight forward. It’s relatively easy to understand the concept,” said Jannetti of his four-point plan, which he outlines as: evade, barricade, arm, or fight. Though he added, “We hope to God you don’t ever have to use it.”

“Most of it is about giving people permission to do something,” explained Hoover. “The idea that your going to go tackle a gunman is not pervasive in our society. So just saying that is already starting to break through.”

Watch this short video to see what active shooter training entails.

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