How to Immediately Lower Heart Rate

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Your heart rate gives a glimpse of your overall health and helps you spot potential health problems.

You might think your heart ticks like clockwork, but how fast it beats changes throughout the day. A person’s heart rate may suddenly spike in response to factors such as emotional stress or things in their environment.

It goes faster when you exercise or are nervous. It slows down when you’re relaxed or sitting still.

Your heart rate can give a peek into your overall health condition. It can help determine if you are suffering from any health conditions and your level of fitness.

Having a lower resting heart rate is a sign of overall good health.

There are lots of ways to lower your heart rate, and many good reasons to do so.

For adults, a resting heart rate should fall between 60 and 100 beats per minute, though what’s considered normal varies from person to person and throughout the day.

An above-normal heart rate can cause a host of problems.

Addressing these causes is the best way to reduce the heart rate in these situations.

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