How to Defeat Your Constipation in Eight Easy Steps

Constipation is a subject I am well aware of as my uncle who was a mathematician and an inventor  suffered from it and found a way to beat it.  When he would feel constipated, he would draw from his mathematical background and work it out with a pencil.  Laugh if you must5, but that’s how he invented the Number 2 pencil.  However, if you are allergic to lead or erasers, you might want to try the following steps.

 1) Good old Prunes and Prune Juice

This home remedy isn’t just for babies and the elderly. Prunes are not only high in fiber, but also in a natural sugar called sorbitol. After eating (or drinking) your prunes the fiber and sorbitol move along in the digestive tract absorbing water as they go. The end…



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