How One Communist Leader’s Stop at an American Grocery Store Changed History

The communist ideology is making a strong comeback in America’s youth. Don’t be fooled into thinking it can’t happen here. Millennials are the largest voting bloc right now and they are eating up the utopian fantasy at an alarming pace.One in two of them say they would rather live in a socialist or communist system country than a capitalist democracy according to a survey by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation. Of course, 71% of millennials can’t even identify the proper definition of communism (YouGov Survey).

Here is something they NEED to see. While the story of Boris Yeltsin’s trip to America might be known to an older generation, I am quite sure a very small number of millennials know this story, and it is absolutely one worth hearing.

Bread lines were common in the Soviet Union, even in 1990.

Very few people know this, but one of the most famous



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