How Many Guns Are Too Many Before the Cops Should Visit You?


Minnesota Law Professor and former political staffer, Richard Painter, recently went on the Tucker Carlson show to explain what the left really wants when it comes to gun control. It went about as well as you can imagine. Sort of like herding cats. Lots of outrage, almost no facts.

Painter spelled out very clearly what the government should be doing, sort of, the police should be looking into it. What, why or when was a little less clear.

“Americans are sick of political hacks talking about condolences and sympathy while stuffing NRA blood money in their pockets. Do something. We can all pray about it, but we elected you to protect us. What are you doing to fix our permissive gun laws? Enough BS. For thoughts and prayers call a priest or a rabbi. For decent gun laws call a congressman, and if he doesn’t do anything, SACK him!”



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