How Hillary Is Uniting The Republican Party

How Hillary Is Uniting The Republican Party (Image: MGN)

If you were to approach a random Republican on the street and ask the harmless question of “What do you think of Hillary Clinton?” The overwhelming census would be something along the lines of, “She stinks,” or, “I hate her,” or maybe even, “There’s no way that dictator will ever be president.” 

No matter how much you despise Hillary, we have to thank her for something. She has brought the Republican party together. We haven’t seen a group of people rally so strongly against a political figure since Sarah Palin. In the state of the world today, we need to something that unites us. Unfortunately, for Hillary, she is the common enemy that has brought us all together.

You can’t go on a website without seeing either a viral video that is making fun of her, an add that tells you…



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