How Did This Car End Up Crashing Into the SECOND Floor In This California Dental Building? [WATCH]

NBC Bay Area has reported that around 5:30 a.m., a white car crashed into the second floor of an Orange County, California dentist offices building.

The driver, while on drugs, hit a centered median, which launched the car into the air, landing in the precarious position.

The driver of the car managed to get out of the car but was “left dangling off the bottom of the vehicle until police could catch him.” The passenger inside the car also later managed to escape the vehicle.

The driver, according to the Los Angeles Times, later admitted to using narcotics while behind the wheel.

It was caught on video:

[embedded content]

Upon impact, a fire broke out and was quickly extinguished. Firefighters said there were two people inside the vehicle. Both victims were safely removed from the car with minor injuries.

Firefighters from Los Angeles County and the Orange County Fire Authority



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