How Bloomberg Spun its Own Poll Data to Make Hillary Clinton Seem Inevitable

*2014 Time Magazine Cover

Years ago, when I was an exchange student in the Soviet Union, a Russian friend explained how he got his news. 

“For news about Russia, Radio Liberty,” he said. “For news about America, Soviet newspapers.” He smiled. “Countries lie about themselves, tell truth about others.”

American media consumers are fast approaching the same absurd binary reality. We now have one set of news outlets that gives us the bad news about Democrats, and another set of news outlets bravely dedicated to reporting the whole truth about Republicans.

Like the old adage about quarterbacks – if you think you have two good ones, you probably have none.

– From Matt Taibbi’s excellent article: The Summer of the Shill

A couple of days ago, investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson published a very interesting article which examined how Bloomberg News egregiously spun the results of its recent presidential poll.

She notes:

Is Hillary…



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