How Arab Royalty Spend Their Billions

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How do Arab royalty spend their billions? With many of the Middle East’s upper class crushing even Britain’s Royal Family in the wealth and holding department, where does all that extra money we spend on petroleum products go? Yachts that look like cruise ships, automobiles with 24K gold bodies, weddings with 50M dowry, 500M divorces, guns, Gallardos, falcon hunting and Western European estates. Oh it doesn’t stop there. There are moats with underground underwater observatories that put Aquariums to shame. We’ve got a family on this list that has an entire country named after them. What did it take to get there? About 1.2T worth of combined wealth and a quarter of the Earth’s known oil supply. There are French Chateau’s (that’s French for castle) that used to belong to Louis XIV on this list. There’s a priceless painting that previously belonged to not one, not two, but three English Kings. Men with 200 cars. Men who own things like the Azza: the world’s largest yacht. Men who never wait in line at the airport thanks to the convenience of private planes and the all-you-can-burn gas to fill ‘em up. Sheiks, Supreme Leaders, Prime Ministers, Princes and Sultans round out our fabulous list of Arab’s fattest pocketed people and their surreal spending.

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Written by: Jean Bernard
Narrated by: JB
Edited by: Umair G

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0:00 Sheik Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan – UAE/Dubai
3:14 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum – United Arab Emirates/Dubai
5:19 Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani – Qatar
7:08 King Mohammed VI – Morocco
8:45 Nassef Sawiris – Egypt
10:12 The Saudi Royal Family – Saudi Arabia
12:43 Prince Al Waheed bin Talal Al Saud – Saudi Arabia
13:49 Saudi Prince Sultan bin Salman – Saudi Arabia”

The Richest

The Richest

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