Homeless New Yorker Lives in an Incredible Fake Dumpster

Damian ‘Dean’ Cummings has been homeless for the last 7 years.  Back in February of 2016, he befriended two men and taught them tricks of living on the street.  Little did he realize that the two men were Shane Duffy, 37, and America’s Next Top model contestant Phil Sullivan, 28.  The two were looking for someone to sponsor and Cummings became the one.  They built him a home that resembles a garbage dumpster but with some awesome features.  The top is covered with solar panels and it comes with USB ports.

The man behind the idea was Duffy, who works as a contractor. He told the New York Post: ‘I noticed all of the dumpsters attached to buildings. Then it dawned on me — what if the home was hidden?’

Cummings moved into…



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