Holy Bleep! Mike Rowe Has Been Restricted On You Tube

When you hear conservative media members complaining about the restrictive tactics of Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, I’m sure some of you think that we may be exaggerating.

We’re not.

Non-conservatives are forced to live through the fascism themselves from time to time. Folks like Youtuber Dave Rubin, who is not a “conservative” but who willingly speaks out against liberal fascism and has faced a backlash from Youtube for doing so.

Now the non-controversial Mike Rowe, formerly of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs, and Deadliest Catch, and more recently of CNN’s Somebody’s Gotta Do It, and Facebook’s recently launched Returning the Favor, has now felt the pinch of online censorship as he just learned that one of his videos was just restricted by Youtube.

What did Rowe do to be silenced by Youtube? He gave a speech on a conservative Youtube channel…

From Mike Rowe’s Facebook Page:

Holy Bleep! I’ve Been Restricted!

Last June,



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