Hollywood Crybabies Butcher Disco Classic Against Trump

Hollywood liberals have now taken to butchering classic disco tunes in a lame attempt to insult Donald Trump.

There have been a multitude of sappy, annoying videos produced in response to the American people voting Trump into the White House, many showcasing just how out of touch Tinseltown is from the average citizen.  The latest travesty committed to film features several tone deaf actors and actresses “singing” the disco classic I Will Survive as a diss directed at the future Commander in Chief.

“‘Unbelievable. The liberal Hollywood snowflakes made ANOTHER pathetic video called, I Will Survive,’ tweeted one user named Billy.

“‘They’re so defiant of Trump. Terrible!’ he added, taking a page from his idol.

“‘Butt hurt, tolerant left. So glad to hear the little snowflakes will survive,’ wrote Catherine. ‘But, with all their Trump-bashing, will their careers?’

“The video was stacked with many celebrities who may earn Academy Award nominations…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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