Historical Revisionists In Oregon Target The Police

The mainstream media has been inundated in recent days with story after story regarding the removal of statues, monuments, and memorials. A question many have asked where does it stop?  It doesn’t!  The latest target is the police.

It seems that everything that Americans would ever think to forever remember in a cast of stone or bronze will be offensive to someone, and so, it must be removed.

This is all a part of the radical left’s master plan to reconfigure or destroy the First Amendment on the grounds of emotional distress.  Instead of yearning for the freedom to speak how you wish, liberals are turning violent in their opposition to the utterance of offensive things.  And what exactly constitutes “offensive”?  Well, pretty much everything.

Not only has the left pushed for the removal of memorials commemorating American soldiers and political leaders, but now it seems as though the police are becoming

Andrew West

Andrew West

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