HISTORIANS: Hitler Was Angry At World Because Of His SMALL PENIS, ONE TESTICLE

There are a million jokes about small penises. Hey, the size of a man’s manhood is one of the most talked about topics in today’s hypersexual world.

However, having a small and/or deformed penis is no laughing matter, if it happens to be yours.

The shame and humiliation of being made fun of for having a weird or otherwise lacking manhood is enough to push many a man over the edge into anger and rage. Perhaps that is what did it for Adolf Hitler.

After 93 years, some medical histories of Adolf Hitler have come to light. He is arguably one of the most evil and murderous men to ever live on the planet. Could it have been from inner rage at having a “Micropenis” and only one testicle?

From ABP Live:

London: New German medical records, which have been unearthed 93 years after they were originally recorded, claim…



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