Hillary’s Health: Is it an Issue?

What was once a story only to be found on the pages of the “right-wing” media, concerns about Hillary Clinton’s health have finally found their way into the mainstream conversation. After yet another coughing fit (two more actually) on Labor Day, Hillary Clinton was forced to comment on her health Monday.

When asked by a reporter about the questions surrounding her health, Clinton curtly replied that she wasn’t concerned about “conspiracy theories.”

“I’m not concerned about conspiracy theories. There are so many of them, I have lost track of them. So I pay no attention to them.”

Interestingly, right after this short exchange, Mrs. Clinton had another coughing episode and was forced to suspend the question and answer session for several minutes while she regained her composure.

The Clinton campaign argues that the questions that keep cropping up about Clinton’s health are merely GOP led efforts to distract…



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