Hillary Turns Daughter’s Apartment Into Secret Hospital

Chelsea Clinton’s $11 million New York apartment that Hillary went to after her 9/11 collapse shares an address with a personal health center.  Martin Shkreli first reported the discovery on Twitter after he watched her come out and googled the address.  Shkreli and others have claimed that Chelsea either doesn’t use or never has used the apartment as a residence.  Everything surrounding Hillary turns out to be a lie. 

Chelsea Clinton’s New York apartment is really an $11 million private healthcare facility for Hillary Clinton.

After she fainted and had to be carried to a van, Hillary went to her daughters $11 million apartment in New York. Except … It turns out that once again she might not be telling us the truth.

Martin Shkreli was the first to break this news after he sent the following tweet.

Guess what Chelsea Clinton’s apartment (that HRC visited today) used to…



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