Hillary Takes A Hit! A Water Balloon To The Face In A Small Town Iowa Parade

The Arcadia, Iowa Fire Department held a 100th Anniversary Parade. It’s your basic Red, White, and Blue Americana kind of thing.

Kids ate watermelon and sweet corn. People laughed and enjoyed a day without work and perhaps sipped an adult beverage in an aluminum can. American flags adorned almost every float. Shiny fire trucks proudly displayed their steadfast protection. Peace and happiness filled the hearts of everyone present.

It was the kind of thing that gives you hope that decent America still exists.

Then this.

A Hillary For Prison float? Half the audience groaned and the other half chuckled….but my oh my, that’s just the half of it…all the kids were not handed candy…they were given ammo in the form of water balloons and told to throw them at, you guessed it…Hillary!

The local paper, The Carroll Daily Times Herald reported:

It was a typical summer celebration in small-town Iowa.…



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