Hillary Still Not on Solid Footing, Health Concerns Resurface

Hillary Clinton’s health issues appeared to resurface again this week as the former Secretary of State came out of hiding.

One of the nation’s largest pieces of doubt regarding the candidacy of the former first lady had to do with terribly apparent, yet completely denied, health problems that Clinton was suffering from.  Now, months after the campaign has concluded, cameras have once again spotted Hillary having a difficult time with balance and movement, leading many to believe that the democratic idol is no more well than she was while running for president.

“Despite easing off the grueling pace of a presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton’s difficulty traversing flat surfaces hasn’t gone away.

“A reporter for TMZ caught an aide was holding the door and an umbrella for the former candidate, and the Clintons were waiting to enter their awaiting van.

“But as Hillary was exiting the restaurant to step onto the sidewalk, she…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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