Hillary Once Again Hides Behind Scapegoats

Trump Is Too Strong For Republican Leaders (Image: MGN)

Donald Trump’s meeting yesterday with the heads of the Republican party did not go as well as planned. Apparently, Trump shared strong words with Arizona Senator Jeff Flake. The Representative from South Carolina, Mark Sanford, straight up said that he “wasn’t particularly impressed,” by Donald Trump.

Donald Trump had a meeting yesterday, that could have been one of the most important in his political career. The House and Senate Republicans met with Trump at the Republican National Committee Headquarters in Washington, D.C. and apparently, the meeting could have gone better.

The Republican Representative from South Carolina, Mark Sanford, “wasn’t particularly impressed” by Trump. “I wasn’t particularly impressed. It was the normal stream of consciousness that’s long on hyperbole and short on facts. At one point, somebody asked about Article I powers: What will you do to protect them? I think his…



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