Hillary Must Be Made To Pay For Her Sins

Hillary Must Pay For The Blood On Her Hands (Image: MGN)

Patricia Smith and Charles Woods the parents of two soldiers who were killed in the Benghazi attacks have filed lawsuits against Hillary Clinton. They are blaming her for the wrongful deaths of their sons.  The lawsuits states that because Hillary was using a private email server, information was hacked on the activities and whereabouts of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens. The lawsuits were filed Monday.

It seems that Hillary’s past is coming back to bite her. Apparently, no matter how hard you wash your hands, the blood will remain. Two parents, Patricia Smith (mother of Sean Smith) and Charles Woods (father of Tyrone Woods) have both filed lawsuits against Hillary.  Let’s see her silver tongue talk her way out of this.

Sean Smith was an information management officer and Tyrone Woods was a security officer, both of the men were…



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