Hillary Is In Wat Over Her Head

Hillary May Be In Over Her Head (Image: MGN)

I don’t think Hillary expected this uproar over her “innocent” verdict. This entire case, she has been extremely cool, calm, and collected. Almost too calm, as if she has everything under control.

Yet now, not only the American people but people higher up the food chain are questioning the FBI’s motives behind their verdict. All of a sudden this one investigation, that has been widely discussed, is becoming a red herring of injustice. The avalanche is becoming too big for Hillary to control, and she knows it. 

You see, the Clinton’s have been getting away with things for years. There is evidence that points them in the guilty direction for a number of things. Besides, it’s not like they are the most honest people in the world, either. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” came the famous lie heard…



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