Hillary Gets Chilly Reception at Inauguration


Hillary Clinton, still reeling from her electoral trouncing in November, was greeted by boos and chants when she was announced at Trump’s inauguration.

Hillary Clinton was greeted by Trump supporters with chants of “lock her up” on Friday.

The former first lady, who was plagued by her illicit and unethical acts as Secretary of State being leaked to the public during the 2016 election, was humble enough to attend the inauguration with making a fuss.  When she was introduced to the crowd of the Trump faithful, however, she caught an earful.

Some Donald Trump supporters chanted “Lock her up” when Hillary Clinton was announced on the inauguration stage Friday.

The chant was popular among supporters during Trump’s campaign. During one presidential debate, Trump even suggested Clinton should be in jail over her email controversy while secretary of state.

Clinton says she’s attending Trump’s inauguration to “honor our democracy.”


Andrew West

Andrew West

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