Hillary Demands Her Servants Give Her 50 Point Lead

“Why aren’t I 50 points ahead!?” That is the question Hillary shouted during a speech directed at labor unions on Thursday, showing off her trademark composure and calm…

Hillary actually wonders why sHillary Demands Her Servants Give Her 50 Point Leadhe isn’t beating Donald Trump by 50 points in the polls. To put that into perspective the greatest landslide victory of the in the last 80 years was Richard Nixon defeating George McGovern in 1972 and that was only by about 22 points. Yet, Hillary feels that she should be leading by 50 percent in the polls.

This woman is a true loon. She just can’t seem to understand why no one likes her and why they haven’t just called the election in her favor already. These are truly the tendencies of a sociopath with an inability to relate to the American People or understand why we don’t accept…



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