Hillary “Crazy Eyes” Clinton For President! Hang On To Your Wallet

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Hillary Clinton stayed up past her bed time last night to lecture the world…and recieve the nomination of the Democrat party for President of the United States.

Mr. Potato-head may be wondering where his “Crazy Eyes” and “Angry Eyes” went because Mrs. Clinton had them.

Secretary Clinton gave a long and tense speech. Her face went from angry to crazy and back again as she described a litany of reasons that Trump doesn’t have the temperament for President and shouldn’t be allowed near the nukes.

Her countenance didn’t set anyone at ease with putting her near any nuclear weapons.

She is very comfortable with falsehoods though, and if that is a virtue for POTUS she’s our gal. She can lie with the best of them and this speech delivered on that department.

From the New York Times:

She’s been around. And maybe that’s O.K.

Bill Clinton took…



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