Hillary Clinton’s personal doctor lied about how sick she was in 2016 — Document

Screengrab: YouTube

When Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had the now-famous fainting episode which necessitated her being escorted from a campaign rally and helped into her waiting van, her personal physician played down the event, writing it off to a bout of pneumonia.

But it seems that not everyone in the medical community was convinced, however. The day after her public collapse, a New York Times reporter who, by the way, boasts an M.D. after his name, suggested she was sicker than her doctor was letting on and that further tests needed to be administered.

To quell concerns about her fitness to serve as president if elected, her campaign released an update of a July 2015 letter from her doctor attesting to her overall good health. The only caveat voiced by Clinton’s personal physician, Lisa Bardack of Mt. Kisco, N.Y., was that she had developed two new medical conditions in 2016: a sinus and ear infection in the winter



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