Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump: Does it Matter Who ISIS Wants?

This week the two major presidential candidates have taken turns using ISIS as a bludgeon with which to hit each other. This isn’t new. It’s something both have been doing for months now, with Hillary Clinton first implying that ISIS used Donald Trump as a recruiting tool before Donald Trump argued that Hillary and Obama had practically created ISIS.

Both have military, intelligence, and counter-terrorism professionals arguing that they are right, and both have supporters who will defend their perspective through the election… but at the end of the day, does it really matter?

This week Hillary Clinton reignited the “ISIS candidate” debate when she said this on Israeli Television.

Mrs. Clinton started out by citing the former director of the National Counter-terrorism Center (and a Hillary Clinton supporter) Matt Olsen who recently said that:

“ISIS spokespeople (were) rooting for Trump’s victory.”

“Basically Matt Olsen argues that this is…



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