Hillary Clinton Can’t Lie Her Way Out Of Poor Health

In the above video, you see Hillary Clinton having to hold herself up against a stone pylon until her van can be pulled around. Once she moves to get into the van, she collapses and has to be picked up by her security and helped all the way to the van. By the time she is finally in it looks like she doesn’t even have the power to stand by herself.

Hillary is a sick woman, even her camp will agree to that. However, how sick she really is will be hotly debated.

On Sunday, Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton had to leave a 9/11 memorial service in New York early. Her campaign first said that she was overheated and then changed it to pneumonia.

However, her story doesn’t really add up.

For one, we have seen video after video of her intense and uncontrollable coughing fits. All of these have…



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