Hey Schumer…Bring It On


Well well…so it seems that our dear Democratic ‘friend’ Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has been very quick with his tongue and his pen of late…so quick to spew out threat after threat on the Senate floor as to how the Republicans will be the cause of Democrats being forced to shut down the government if they insist on building a wall along our still unsecured southern border; if they dare to start mass deportations of illegals (their prime voting block); or if they try to defund (abortion mill and baby-parts seller) Planned Parenthood.

In fact those very threats…threats of “severe consequences” made by hypocrites and sore losers who not only destroyed their own party but who have fought long and hard against all Republican attempts to shut down the government over budget disputes… saw Schumer and other top Democrat senators write a letter composed of what they called…



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