Heroin Kills Hundreds And Burdens First Responders

Over 225 are dead across four counties in four states in just one week. All of the deaths are attributed to heroin overdoses and authorities now believe it’s because the already deadly drug is being laced with the elephant tranquilizer Fentanyl.

One town in west Virginia saw 27 deaths from the poisoned substance in just four hours. Residents are trying to get the word out as quick as possible to prevent as many deaths as possible.

Regardless of what you feel about the overdoses of heroin junkies, this massive spike in deaths have put an unbearable strain on first responders and cities that are already in low-income and poorly funded areas. 911 has been overburdened by a neverending stream of calls which leaves law abiding folks who need help stuck waiting longer for help in an emergency.

This has served to highlight the grip of heroin abuse that the region…



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