Here’s 20 Natural At-Home Migraine Remedies That REALLY Work

A migraine is more than a headache; it is a painful, debilitating experience. Most people who suffer migraine headaches get them regularly.

The Migraine Research Foundation refers to chronic migraines as a surprisingly common neurological condition (1):

One billion people worldwide experience regular migraine headaches Women experience them more often than men—eighty-five percent of chronic sufferers are female Migraines run in families Migraines are the sixth most debilitating condition in the world Millions of people experience daily migraine headaches Ten percent of school-age children have recurrent migraines. While there are drugs to stop the pain, having a supply of natural migraine remedies on hand to relieve (and even prevent) them is the best option. What is a Migraine?

A migraine differs from a regular headache in its intensity, duration, sensation, and causes. A…



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