Here We Go Again. Another CNN Bombshell Totally Implodes [Video]

Back in May, a CNN bombshell came out that was reporting that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had lied on his security clearance forms. they claimed that Jeff Sessions was hiding his Russian contacts while United States Senator. This was used to further the Russian collusion narrative against the Trump campaign.

Mr. Sessions even told CNN that the FBI agreed that he did not have to report those contacts as long as there were no personal relationships established. CNN trotted out their own “legal experts” to counter that. You will never guess what just happened. Pfffffft!

As Written By Amber Athey for the Daily Caller:

CNN has quietly walked back more of their “bombshell” reporting on the Trump-Russia collusion narrative, and this time it’s a story relating to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ security clearance forms.

In May, CNN reported that Sessions had failed to disclose meetings he had with the Russian ambassador when he was



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