Here Kitty Kitty? Sorry PETA, Bald Eagles Bring Cat Home For Dinner

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Things are black and white in nature. The food chain works. Some animals eat other animals, while others eat plants.

Some animals have claws or run fast. Some have camouflaged looks. Others soar around and look for unsuspecting prey below.

The rise of the “Eagle Nest Cam” has really raised awareness of the life of Bald Eagles. Several of these nest cams have been set up around the country.

Eagles are cool. They mate for life, they care for their young by bringing them food. People by the thousands love to watch these nest cams as a sort of reality TV.

Many of the viewers love animals. That’s why they were so horrified when the eagles recently brought home a kitty for dinner!

Oh man, this is too funny. Dinner is served little eaglets! The eagles didn’t get the script that they are only supposed to…



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