Most people are hedonists, religious and intellectual people being the worst. “Oh,” you think, “I should trust you because you have a crown? It IS very pretty!” But Why does your head need a crown for your wisdom to be recognized as the rule? If you can’t learn from a beggar or a jester then you are, indeed, playing the fool. Most people are hedonists too. If not, you hedonist, why does it feel like i might be talking directly to you?

I’ll tell you why. It’s because most people are not motivated by what is good, but rather, by what feels good for a moment that, and soon, does not. You remeber that one time? I’m sure you do, no matter who you are because it applies to everyone, and that shouldn’t be a surprise. To summarize, you’re out of luck when “feeling” good is all that you’ve got.






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