HEARTBREAKING: Radical Islam Utilizing PUPPIES As Suicide Bombers!

ISIS has turned to using puppies as suicide bombers, according to a new video released online.

ISIS and their ilk have long been exploiting their reach to include women and children in their deadly and violent Jihadist campaigns.  Now, they have turned to an even more diabolical plan in which they are literally strapping improvised explosive devices to puppies.

“The authenticity of the video is currently unclear but it appears to show Islamic State jihadis, known for their improvisations on the battlefield, have wrapped the tiny animal’s torso with explosives before sending it across the front line.

“The horrifying video was apparently uploaded online by fighters with the Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Units.

“The PMU, or Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi, is a group of militia, brought together and state-sponsored to battle with jihadis in Iraq.

“In 2014 the group was incorporated into the country’s armed forces to help fight on the battlefield as…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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