Hawaii Considering The Legalization of Prostitution


The world’s oldest profession could soon be  coming to the Aloha state, if newly introduced legislation passes.

Hawaii could soon see decriminalized prostitution in a liberal effort to keep transgender women out of jail.

Oddly enough, the legalization push comes amid the liberal obsession with transgender rights, for whom the bill was originally written.  If the bill were to pass, prostitution would become decriminalized, and therefore, many in the transgender community would no longer face a disproportionate amount of prosecution.

“Hawaii lawmakers are considering decriminalizing prostitution in the Aloha State after House Speaker Joseph Souki introduced a bill.

“The proposal also would end a state law that says police officers can’t have sex with prostitutes in the course of investigations.

“Transgender activist Tracy Ryan says she’s pushing the bill because transgender women in the sex trade are disproportionately impacted by criminalization laws.

“But long-time anti-sex trafficking advocate Kathryn Xian…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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