Has Washington governor gone crackers over carbon tax?

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee is pushing his ‘carbon tax’ plan as a way to save the children. (Screen capture, YouTube, KCTS)

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s Tuesday tweet to push his carbon tax program in which he declared the state has “just 59 days to do our part to save our children from an endless cycle of crop-killing droughts one year, and rivers spilling their banks the next” has some people marveling at the hysteria.

According to the Daily Caller, Inslee’s proposal would raise gasoline prices about 10 percent in a state that already has the second-highest gas tax in the nation. It would increase the cost of home heating oil. That money would ostensibly be used for “green energy programs” while raising the cost of household electricity by five present, the story estimated.

Inslee’s tweet is getting attention across the country. He failed previously to push a carbon



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