Hackers Are Manipulating The Presidential Election

The report also warned the public dissemination of unofficial voting results potentially could be manipulated by hackers. Cyber criminals and hackers are likely to continue to target voter registration personally identifiable information data.

Elements of America’s election infrastructure potentially are vulnerable to hacking and other cyber-intrusions that could impact the ability of voters to cast ballots on Election Day or manipulate unofficial election night data, according to a Department of Homeland Security report obtained by FoxNews.com.

“We assess multiple elements of US election infrastructure are potentially vulnerable to cyber intrusions. The risk to US computer-enabled election systems varies from county to county between types of devices used, and among processes used by polling stations,” states the Sept. 20 intelligence assessment.

“Targeted intrusions against individual voter registration databases, however, are possible. Additionally, with illicit access, manipulation of voter data, or disruptions to their availability, may impact a voter’s ability to…



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