HA! Bernie Accuses Hillary of PANDERING For Black Votes

Two of the whitest democrats ever are fighting real hard to understand black people. It’s not that they really care or that their party has done anything, but oppress the black community for years. No, they need that all coveted black vote.

It’s supposed to be locked up for democrats only, so the two leftists are slugging it out over who is the blackest. This is one of the ugliest parts of politics.

Pandering to mass groups of people to force them to vote as a collective. It’s a scary phenomenon called ‘group think’ and the democrats are old-pros at effectively utilizing it. This year is no exception.

Assuming that all black people can be made to vote for democrats is innately racist in itself. However, that hypocrisy is lost on Hillary and Bernie, they don’t care, they just need the votes.

From CNN:

Washington (CNN)Bernie Sanders,…



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