GUN NEWS: Missouri Casts Off Gov’t Controls and Goes Full Constitutional Carry

Missouri locks and loads.

The state legislature just overturned a veto by Governor Jay Nixon and passed “Constitutional Carry”.

If you’re not a gun person, you may ask, “What’s that”?

It’s clear and simple. You no longer need permission from the State of Missouri to exercise your Second Amendment right found in the Constitution.

According to Tony “Bullets First” Oliva”

The Show Me State doesn’t quite live up to its name in one regard anymore…a governmental permission slip to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights is no longer required in Missouri.   With the override of Democrat and gun hating Governor Jay Nixon’s veto Missouri joins an ever growing list of states that no longer require permits in order to carry concealed firearms.

On January 1st, 2017 Missouri becomes the 10th Constitutional Carry state in the nation, meaning that 20% of the states in America no longer require the extortion of…



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