Gun Grabbers Devise Another Method To Take Self-Defense Capabilities Away From Law Abiding Citizens

It may be easier to become a criminal in California than to go through the process of buying bullets after the first of the year. The gun grabbers in California has devised another method to take self-defense capabilities from the hands of its citizens.

I guess that the State considers ammunition to not be protected by the 2nd Amendment. You will have to read this list of restrictions to begin to understand what a tyrannical government is in charge of California. This is what progressive liberalism looks like. It is how a pure Democracy functions. The rights of the individual are not protected. This is their goal for our nation. Read this and weep for California.

As Written and Reported By Nick Givas for the Daily Caller:

California’s new restrictions on ammunition are set to take effect in January, making it harder to purchase, sell and transport bullets.

Proposition 63 was passed



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