Gun Companies Crash After “Scary Gun” Liberal Mentality

Gun Companies Crash After “Scary Gun” Liberal Mentality (Image: MGN)

Smith and Wesson Has Lost Significant Value Recently

It lost almost a third of its value in April and May It took a 5% drop on Monday, June 6th. It took an even worse 7% decline on Friday, June 10th when the softening on gun sales became apparent

Ordinarily, This Would Be the Point at Which Investors Bought into the Stock

Smith and Wesson has grown a lot since 2009—almost 900%.

Usually, a decline in its price would simply signal investors to leap in and buy this crazy-growing stock while prices were low. 

This Time, However, it May Not Work Out That Way

Right now, the analysts think that the uptick in handgun sales that acted as an impetus for the prodigious stock gains of Smith and Wesson might have plateaued. 

The very same sales also shot its competitor, Sturm,…



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