Guess Who Voted Down The New Senate Gun Control Bills?


That’s right. The Senate killed all four of the new gun control measures brought forth since the Orlando shooting.

The shocking part is that it was the Democrats who killed them. What a strange world we live in.

After screaming for years for more gun control the Democrats refused to take it when the Republicans offered it up.

From The Blazes’ Stu Burguiere:

You probably heard that the Republican Senate blocked four gun control bills in the wake of Orlando.

Simple, common sense measures, rejected.

For example, one measure that would allow the government to delay firearm purchases to terror suspects for three days to give time to present the evidence to a judge for a final ruling.

Common sense.*

It needed 60 votes, and only received 53, leaving 47 NO votes with blood on their hands. By, the way, here is the party of each…



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