Grief-Stricken Baby Elepant Can’t Leave Mother Who Was Cruelly Shot For Her Tusks

Something has to be done about the poaching of elephants for their tusks. It is estimated that 25,000 elephants are killed each year. Elephants have already been driven to extinction in some African countries including Senegal, Somalia and Sudan. Elephants are a keystone species. Other animals, plants and entire ecosystems rely on them for survival. For example, I bet you didn’t know that an elephant’s large footprints act as water collectors for smaller animals.

Get this. Elephants share the same emotions and cognitive behavior as humans. They grieve for their lost loved ones, they feel fear, joy and empathy and are highly praised for their intelligence.

Zongoloni’s mother was shot in September 2013. The baby elephant and her mother were spotted stumbling through the bush in Kenya. Zongoloni was only about 18 months…



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