Greece Got Talent Contestants Have Unusual Method of Playing the Piano

If you are as old as I am (6 years younger than God) you will remember the Gong Show with Chuck Barris.  To say they had some oddball contestants would be a terrible understatement.  But, on Greece Got Talent, they had maybe the most unusual contestants of all time.  The duo played a duet on the piano using only their penises.  That must take great concentration.  After all a hell of a note is when your organ goes limp during a good piece.  I wonder what song they played.  Longfellow’s Serenade?  “Whip It” by Devo?  “Beat It” by Michael Jackson?

A funny clip has resurfaced from the Greek version of Britain’s Got Talent showing a very rude but entertaining clip of two contestants playing the piano with their private parts.

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