GOP Trolls Pelosi with the ‘CRUMBS’ Act to Decrease Tax Burden on Bonuses

It seems every day another company comes out with an announcement about employees receiving bonuses as a direct result of the the Trump tax plan passed in December. Inevitably, while I peruse the comments, some liberal bawks at the bonuses insisting that, after taxes, there is barely anything left. Of course, the employee still gets a nice amount of money, but to these liberals that simply is not enough.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who predicted the GOP tax plan would be “Armageddon,” has referred to these measly $500-$2,500 bonuses and wage increases as merely “crumbs.” Of course, to Nancy Pelosi, who is worth an estimate $120 million, yes I suppose those bonuses do amount to crumbs. The thing is, Nancy, maybe you should stop and think about that before you talk. To average Americans, these are not crumbs at all. In fact, what you Pelosi calls “crumbs” actually pay

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