GOP Mega Donor Says No More Money Until ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban: WTH?

A huge donor to the GOP is putting his foot down and giving Republicans an ultimatum… ban so-called assault weapons, or no more money from him. I hate to break it to Al Hoffman Jr., but we can survive just fine without his blood money.

Hoffman is a Florida-based real estate developer.

In an email to half a dozen Republican leaders on Saturday, Hoffman decried the rash of mass shootings that has roiled the US for years and demanded that GOP politicians take action. “I will not write another check unless they all support a ban on assault weapons,” Hoffman wrote in the email, according to the Times. “Enough is enough!” He’s right… enough is enough. Hoffman can just stuff his money and piss off. We don’t need him. This is a guy who gave $1 million to Jeb Bush’s campaign. Enough said.

“For how many years now have



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