Google Heads to Trump Tower to Win Over The Donald

Google has been lashing out against conservatism in America for years, embarrassing themselves horribly along the way – especially since November 8th.

Google is finally coming around to President-Elect Trump after months of anti-conservative action.

Even though Google has been at the forefront of conservative news censorship, even calling for filters to end the spread of “fake news”, the web giant has finally begun to come around to the fact that Americans chose the path of Trump in 2016.   Now, Google, and their parent company Alphabet, are coming to the table.

“Despite this rocky history, both sides are now trying to find common ground as the inauguration approaches. Alphabet CEO Larry Pagerecently joined other tech leaders at a meeting with the incoming president. Meanwhile, Schmidt has been very visible at Trump Tower, visiting at least twice.

“Stuart Roy, a veteran political strategist who used to represent the company…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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