God in the storm: ‘Angel’ arrives for Houston flood victim

Pastor Carlos Pleitez rescues a family in Houston Aug. 29, 2017 (Fox News screen capture)

In a neighborhood adjacent to George Bush Park, west of downtown Houston, an uncontrolled release of reservoir water in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey quickly turned the streets into rivers, pinning a family with small children up against their driveway Tuesday.

With no first responders in sight, the mother berated herself, fearing she had waited too long to decide to evacuate.

Suddenly, a boat floated up her driveway. It was not the fire department or National Guard or even the Cajun Navy.

At the helm was Pastor Carlos Pleitez of Ministerio Internacional Poder y Milagros, the International Ministry of Power and Miracles.

“It was an angel,” she said. “They just showed up at the perfect time.”

In tears as she sat in the back of the boat, she acknowledged in a live interview

Art Moore

Art Moore

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