‘God Emperor Trump:’ The Resurrection of a Persecuted FB Page

From Milo Yiannopoulos getting banned from Twitter, to Facebook taking down conservative political pages, conservative voices on social media have recently been under attack. The Facebook Page “God Emperor Trump”, is one in a long list of conservative pages which were taken down, but it is back up and running thanks to a massive online backlash.

God Emperor Trump’s name is inspired by the “God Emperor of Mankind” in the video game Warhammer, who is a powerful being who protects humanity and eventually sacrifices himself for the greater good. The page has specialized in over-the-top memes promoting the Trump Campaign. In an interview, the admin of the page asked to remain anonymous, but revealed his inspiration for creating the page.

“I started the page on December 27th, 2015. Trump had an especially energetic rally in Las Vegas. That night where a group of supporters began chanting ‘Can’t Stump The…



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