God Bless America

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God Bless America! Did you think the shift back to God Bless America from God Less America would be easy? As we morphed from simple politeness to full blown political correctness the left descended into an orgy of depravity cheered on by eight years of support from the “Black House” contrived to devide and conquer everything that was holy, decent, and precious to Americans

As America struggled to show itself to be a true melting pot it quickly became a kiln, and then proceeded to hell as the liberals danced around the golden calf promoting every blasphemy known to man. You wonder where ANTIFA came from? These are the children of perdition. Their father is the father of all lies, Barack Obama! The end result of Affirmative Action gone wrong.

We now have no moral code, no common sense, no national pride, and no respect. And



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